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Building long-term relationships with clients is a huge part of having a small business. At SBA Search, we offer SBA consulting services to help small businesses find the right lending-focused employees and business partners. Our business began in Denton, TX as a way to make SBA loans more accessible for business owners. Now, we work hand-in-hand with both entrepreneurs and job seekers to help small businesses put together the perfect teams with skilled lending personnel.

Whether you're an employer looking for new team members or someone trying to jump-start your career, you can benefit from our SBA job search services. Call 940-381-6200 today to learn more about our job postings.

Helping both employees and employers

Our SBA consulting and recruiting firm is dedicated to helping you put together an ideal lending team for your small business. We have plenty of resources available for both employers and job seekers. When you work with us, you can take advantage of...

  • SBA job search boards with dozens of available postings
  • A team of consultants to assist you with recruiting
  • Support as you navigate the SBA job search process

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